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In the afternoon Chinese class, the students stared at the silent copybook in the teacher ��s hand, holding the breath. The whole classroom was silent, but Mr. Cao was not busy, and also showed a faint smile, which made everyone more nervous Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Tight. The students were asked by the teacher to write on the podium to get a copy Wholesale Cigarettes. Some were overjoyed and some were downcast. Finally it was my turn. The teacher looked at me with the book in my heart. When I looked at the score on the book, I thought that the full score of "Three fingers pinch the snail-steady hold" did not appear. I took my notebook and lowered my head back to the seat: "Hey! I know today, why should I be the culprit?" At the morning reading class in the morning, Mr. Cao entered the classroom and announced to everyone One thing: "In the afternoon, we will conduct a silent writing of four-word words in units 1-4 of this semester. Students who write a full score can be exempted from a copying assignment." The four-character review book "Lingzhen Grinding the Gun", students who have already had a good sense of it have repeatedly reviewed and tried to get a full score reward. And I was complacent and said, "Yesterday at home, my dad gave me a four-word word. Although there were no right words, all the wrong words were copied. The silent writing in the afternoon, the full score is not a thing that you have captured. What else to review? "At noon, I ran out of the classroom after lunch and went to play. I returned to the classroom and picked up the extracurricular books to look at it with interest. At the same table, who had been reviewing seriously, I was persuaded to see me like this: "You should read it again. If you are silent in the afternoon, if you are right, there will be a homework-free reward." I thought disdainfully: "The reward must be , But who knows that I have reviewed it yesterday? You just wait for a surprise. "Silent writing in the afternoon, I took a quick look at the silent writing volume and wrote down. After I finished, I looked around and I was the first Completed. This is more "firm" my confidence to get full marks. But now, there are three mistakes in the opened book that pierced my eyes, and they were all blind and arrogant, and there was no error that was carefully checked-one place was to write "day" in a word as "me", one In one place, the three horizontal lines in the "tool" were written as two horizontal lines, and in the other place, the "wine" was written as "sprinkling water" ... it was just making me feel complacent Cigarettes For Sale. Teacher Cao didn't know when to come to me and touch me The head said softly to me: "You can get full marks, but it's a pity that you are arrogant. But these three mistakes are like sounding three alarm bells for you. The teacher believes that you will definitely learn the lesson and write silently next time. I will definitely be quiet. "I determined in my heart:" I must have a close relationship with the arrogant 'bad friend' and get back the full score I lost. "
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Įvairūs Bendros diskusijos Sportas