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 Which CPU is the best?

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Standartinė amandamurray110 » 2019 Lie 12, 17:53

Hi all,

Hello everyone. New here. Had a quick question. Can give full details if its not a cut and dry question or answer... whats better for gaming (Rust) an i5 4430 or an i7 870. (1st gen i7) my gpu is a gtx 980. I have 32gb ddr3 ripjaw ram and an ssd. Dell mobo from 2013. (Was a dell xps8700 that ive been upgrading... it came with an i5... i just aquired this older i7. Thanks!

Btw my current setup runs rust flawlessly on ultra with grphx maxed.... well flawlessly to me is just smooth and pretty i get 35-50 fps. When demo'ing big structures 1fps is not uncommon lol.. Rust has to be one of the most demanding cpu/gpu/ram games.



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