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 to spiral out of control. The Lion

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With the 2018 NFL season now a week in the rear-view mirror Matthew Stafford Jersey , it’s time to look forward into the offseason abyss. It’s not all bad news, however. The NFL, more so than any other professional sports league, knows how to sell their offseason to a point where the eight-month gap between games doesn’t even seem that long. This feels like a particularly important offseason for the Detroit Lions. After a big step back in 2018, head coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn are running out of time to win over the Lions fanbase. And with some of their better players (Darius Slay, Matthew Stafford, Damon Harrison Sr.) getting older, the time is now for the Lions to make a move. The next three months are absolutely key for Detroit to become competitive again.So to help you navigate through the next important dates and events in the NFL calendar, here is our offseason guide.February12: CFL signing dayAt noon ET, NFL teams are free to sign any CFL players whose contracts have expired in 2019.19: Franchise Tag opensStarting on Feb. 19, teams can designate players with a franchise or transition tag. 26 - March 4: NFL Scouting CombineThe biggest event remaining before the NFL Draft in April, the NFL Combine has become a huge spectacle. Some of the best talent the 2019 NFL Draft will have to offer (see a list of the 338 invitees here) will travel down to Indianapolis to show off their athletic traits and work on drills in front of representatives for all 32 teams. March5: Franchise Tag deadlineIf a team plans on using the franchise tag, it must be designated by March 5 at 4 p.m. ET. 11-13: Free agency tampering periodTeams will be able to negotiate with agents (not the players themselves) of players that will be unrestricted free agents 13: Restricted free agency tender deadlineBy 4 p.m. ET, teams must offer restricted free agency tenders to their own players, or they will become unrestricted free agents. 13: FREE AGENCYStarting at 4 p.m. ET, teams may official sign any players that have become unrestricted free agents.17: Stafford roster bonusMatthew Stafford is due a fully guaranteed $5.5 million roster bonus. 24-27: League meetingsApril15: Offseason workoutsTeams may begin offseason workouts with strict limitations on what kind of activities are allowed. (Teams with new head coaches can start on April 1.)Mid-month: NFL schedule releasedThere’s no official date yet, but previous schedule releases happened on the 19th, 20th, 14th, 21st, 23rd and 18th.19: Restricted free agent deadlineRFAs with offer sheets must sign the tender by April 19.25-27: NFL DRAFTMayRookie minicampTeams can select from three different dates to hold their three-day rookie minicamp: May 3-5, May 4-6 or May 10-13. May 20: Spring league meetingsJuneLate May/early June: Organized Team Meetings (OTAs)Starting sometime in late May, teams are permitted to have three sets of OTAs—10 days total. Practices are non-contract, but resemble more traditional practices (seven-on-sevens, 11-on-11s). July15: Franchise tag deadlineTeams have until July 15 to sign a franchise tagged player to a long-term deal. If a contract is not signed, the player must either sign the franchise tag or sit out the season. Mid/Late July: TRAINING CAMPAugust1: Hall of Fame GameAll month: Preseason31: Roster cut-down dayBy 4 p.m. ET, all 32 teams must be down to a 53-man roster. September8-9: Week 1 of the regular seasonWe made it! The Detroit Lions were at Ford Field for the final time of the 2018 season on Sunday. They closed out their home schedule with more of a whimper than a bang, as they fell to the Minnesota Vikings 27-9. Here are a few takeaways from another Lions loss:LeGarrette Blount should not be getting targetsWhen the Lions signed LeGarrette Blount this offseason, what they were getting was a known product. One of the best goal line runners of this era. A slow, shifty guy who can power his way through the best of defenses. Offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter apparently did not get the memo Kerryon Johnson Jersey , though. Blount was targeted four times, bringing his season total to 15, the highest mark he has reached since 2011. The four targets ended in:A dropped screen pass where he got his head knocked off.Another dropped check down.A negative-5 yard catch.A catch for no gain.The running back’s time in Detroit, and maybe the NFL as a whole, will probably be over pretty soon. His misuse as a potential receiving back has been an interesting choice by the Lions offense this season, though. Joe Dahl is actually the slot receiver we were looking for all alongAnother interesting play calling wrinkle the Lions used this week was placing guard Joe Dahl in the slot. On both plays he lined up wide and then motioned inside. Both were running plays, where he crashed inside to create room for the running back. Neither play was very successful and he did not really do much on either, but it is a fun wrinkle.A few weeks ago against the Los Angeles Rams, tackle Taylor Decker caught a touchdown pass, so defenses seeing another offensive lineman line up as a wide receiver will at least have to take notice. Dahl is also a great run blocker, so getting him on the field for a run play is always a good idea.They were not the best plays, but using both motion and window dressing pre-snap, which the Lions have failed to do all year, is a refreshing change for Detroit’s offense. Darius Slay is great... and so is Nevin Lawson?There is something about the Minnesota Vikings that inspires the Lions starting duo at corner. Whether it is the heat of a division rivalry or the chance to show their best against the combination of Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs, Darius Slay and Nevin Lawson have usually played well against Minnesota. Today was no different. Slay looked like his 2017-self. He was all over Diggs and became a nuisance for Kirk Cousins when he tried to attack downfield. The oft-maligned Lawson play well, too. He was able to stick with Theilen for much of the first half before an injury removed him from the game. There were no glaring errors in the second half either, and the player that has struggled for much of 2018 had a great game against a good team. Unfortunately, no one else played well from the Lions cornerback room. Marcus Cooper was terribly beaten for an early Vikings touchdown. Rookie Mike Ford looked lost for much of the day. DaShawn Shead played poorly before leaving the game with a knee injury. Teez Tabor was not even active.Detroit’s corners have not been great all season, but the two “stars” of the unit playing well to close out the season is a good sign going forward. Drives keep stalling outThe scoreboard might not reflect it at all, but Detroit dominated a good portion of this game. Minnesota’s offense did not get a first down until late in the first half and Detroit was moving the ball well until it got to within 30 yards of the end zone. Detroit kicked three early field goals on drives that looked promising until they hit a road block as they entered field goal range.Some of the faults go to play calling — taking a hot Zach Zenner out of the game for Blount was an interesting move on the opening drive — but the players failed to execute when it mattered most. Dropped passes, missed throws by Stafford and bad run blocking caused things to spiral out of control. The Lions had a chance to race out to a huge lead early in this game but ended up stuttering when it mattered the most. Once the Vikings went up 14-9 just before the half, the writing felt like it was on the wall. While this game does not truly matter, it still feels like a missed opportunity. Things are looking great for the draftIf you happen to be #TeamTank, then today was great. A Lions loss increases their chances for a top-five selection and puts them only closer to landing one of this years stand out defensive prospects. Unfortunately, things did not go their way elsewhere. The Bills, Giants and Bucs all came up short and a win next week against the Packers could knock the Lions all the way out of the top 10. Overall, though, Detroit is still in prime position to land an absolute star in the draft this season. That is some silver lining for what has overall been a terrible season.
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