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 That’s a problem Lions fans are familiar with

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Our PODcast reacts to a crazy day in the draft."After the initial shock wore off Will Harris Jersey 2019 , the Pride of Detroit crew convened in the doldrums of the night to record their reaction of an exhausting day in the 2019 NFL Draft. The Detroit Lions sent fans googling with their second-round selection of Hawaii linebacker Jahlani Tavai. There’s nothing wrong with selecting a relative unknown in the draft, but taking one in the second round is something Lions fans aren’t really accustomed to. Even with last year’s primer of Tracy Walker in the third, this seems a little dramatic. For Day 2, we changed our lineup a bit. Jerry Mallory, John Whiticar and Jeremy Reisman broke down the crazy events from Friday and tried to make sense of it all. How will Tavai and third-round pick Will Harris fit into the Lions’ immediate plans? What can we take from Bob Quinn’s comments to give us an idea of their fit? All of that Color Rush Will Harris Jersey , an more on this mini-episode of the PODcast.On this episode of the PODcast:Jerry, Jeremy and John explain their initial reactions to the Tavai pick. Yeah, we were all pretty shocked—even in the media room at Allen Park.Where does Tavai fit in the defense? How will it affect Jarrad Davis and Christian Jones? Has Bob Quinn earned the right to be trusted?VERSATILE VERSATILE VERSATILE VERSTAILEWill Harris: Another Tracy Walker? Another chess piece in a crowded secondary?Can Harris break the starting lineup in 2019 or will he develop slowly like Walker? Be sure to subscribe to our podcast on your favorite platforms. Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts| Spotify | Stitcher Is Bob Quinn doing a good job? A good enough job?"It’s NFL Draft week, and for Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn, this could be the most important few days of his entire Lions career. This year’s draft is monumentally important for the franchise Cheap Will Harris Jersey , and in order to regain the fans’ trust in himself and head coach Matt Patricia, Quinn could really use a big playmaker or two in this year’s draft. But before we take on the 2019 NFL Draft, let’s see where Lions fans currently stand on their opinion of the general manager. When we last checked in our our approval ratings, Quinn experienced a big boost in approval for no real apparent reason. Just before we entered free agency, Quinn’s approval shot to 76 percent Will Harris Jersey Womens , despite ending the year with less than half of fans approving of his job. Take a look:March 2019: 76 percent approvalDecember 2018: 45 percent approval November 2018: 41 percent approvalOctober 2018: 70 percent approvalSeptember 2018: 26 percent approvalMay 2018: 89 percent approvalMarch 2018: 83 percent approvalFebruary 2018: 92 percent approvalNovember 2017: 78 percent approvalOctober 2017: 82 percent approvalAugust 2017: 95 percent approvalJune 2017: 93 percent approvalApril 2017: 97 percent approvalFebruary 2017: 93 percent approvalDecember 2016: 96 percent approvalAugust 2016: 70 percent approvalJune 2016: 86 percent approvalApril 2016: 74 percent approvalFebruary 2016: 72 percent approvalSince then, the Lions had themselves a free agency. They went out and got top players at the cornerback, tight end and edge positions, all while maintaining a very manageable cap in 2019. That being said, the way those contracts are structured Matthew Stafford Jersey , the Lions could have some issues down the line. That’s a problem Lions fans are familiar with, as it was part of the reason Detroit could keep talented players like Ndamukong Suh around under the previous regime. Still, you have to admire Quinn’s aggressiveness after a very disappointing free agency period in 2018. You can start to see the vision he and Patricia have of this team, it’s just a matter of seeing any sort of positive on-field results at this point. So before this extremely important draft, let’s check in one more time. Do you approve of the job Bob Quinn is doing? Vote in the poll below.(Note: the poll does not show up on all formats. If you don’t see it Darius Slay Jersey , try opening in a different browser or device.)
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