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''You know Panthers Greg Olsen Jersey , there are two ways of looking at gardening '', I said to some hapless person. '' Definitely many more, but these two will do for now''. I think he was looking for an exit but anyway I went on with my ramble.

I'll call the first one the physical which relates to the physical act of gardening such as weeding a garden bed or pruning a shrub. The physical also relates to the construction of a garden.

The second approach is of the mind to appreciate the wonders of a garden and its naturalness and beauty. It's our mind relaying to what draws us into the garden and the continuance of our relationship with it. And if you're lucky and understand something about Yin and Yang and its companion, Chi (qi), a garden can offer a deeper connection. When Yin and Yang are in balance and Chi flow is harmonious, we feel harmonious and at peace with ourselves being within such places.

Sounds far-fetched Panthers Kawann Short Jersey , but that's what you'll expect from someone like me who's a student of Feng Shui and Chi Energies. But what about testing yourself one day and go out there into the garden for about an hour before the sun sets and firstly do something physical such as weeding, some pruning, tending to vegetables, flowers or whatever then pausing and seating yourself down on your favourite garden seat and observing what's going on around you. You'll notice as the sun settles into the landscape, its shadows lengthen, the aura of your surroundings change and a balance is noticeable between light and shadows Panthers Trai Turner Jersey , shapes and colours, movements, smells and sounds and within yourself, the ambiance of the place will settle in on you. A feeling of harmony and contentment transcends and nature calling upon you saying, ''all's well'', maybe the sound of a bird Panthers Ryan Kalil Jersey , movement of an insect or a breeze stirring a branch somewhere above you. On such occasions Chi has come to visit you and you feel at home being within such places. Chi is an intimate thing and wants for us to find and connect with it.

We can look at the process of gardening as that of two parts and rejoice within them.

The first seeks to set the site up for harmonious interaction. It's a methodological approach which requires some hard landscaping (physical installations such as pathways, seating, and pondage of water, pagodas, retaining embankments, lighting and soft landscaping by locating the plants) Panthers Luke Kuechly Jersey , a design and installation process, followed by the act of maintenance and perseverance to keep the garden presentable and how you visualise it.

The second relates to your mind being conditioned for recognising your personal connection to it including that of Chi. Suggesting Chi comes to us through our mind and its energy flowing as a product of that interaction. A site to one person is just a place and to another person a place of harmony and connectiveness. Same site but two visions for it. Conditioning the mind to recognise "Chi" and developing our "Chi mind" suggests emptying and cleansing the mind of distractions and negativity. Harmony arrives when we connect to our surroundings and those surroundings are accepted as places we want to be in, not threatened but cocooned.

The two come together as a team and harmony potentially a product. The physical part providing the frame for harmony to evolve within and the second, our minds conditioned to recognise and accept our surroundings for what they are and seeking something of connectiveness.When you feel as though your life has spun out of control and events are simply not going your way, the thing you need the most is resilience. The Power of Resilience by Denis Waitely discusses how this indispensable trait can help you bounce back from all life's obstacles. At some point in everyone's life, they will go through at least one period of intense trial and tribulation. That period can either make or break you. The good news is that if' you've already given up Panthers Cam Newton Jersey , there is still always the choice to dust yourself off and make the choice to pick yourself back up again and move forward.

This program talks about how to go from being a victim to living a victorious life. Oftentimes, a person can become a victim of their own circumstances, not because they have allowed certain things to happen to them, but because they lack control of how they react. It is for certain that bad things are always going to happen. People will always lose their jobs, divorce their partners for various reasons, lose their homes Panthers Jordan Scarlett Jersey , lose loved ones, etc. Although you have little control over the things that occur in your life, you can control how you choose to react to them.

The Power of Resilience by Denis Waitely also discusses how you can test your own level of resilience. If you're the type of person who always becomes "down and out" after the smallest things occur, there is no way that you can make it far in life unless you make an effort to withstand difficult circumstances and make your mind up that you will not become victim to the emotions that they bring.

For example, a man loses his job. As a result, he panics and assumes that he'll never find another job quite like the one he lost. From there Panthers Christian Miller Jersey , his entire way of viewing his life and the world in general changes. Suddenly, everything becomes dark and cold. He feels alone and helpless, and then becomes depressed. He chose to allow the situation to get the best of him, thus missing out on dozens of possible opportunities. This is obviously not the way to be.

The Power of Resilience by Denis Waitely talks about how you cannot allow your emotions to muddle your thinking. You should not react to events according to the way that you feel, but instead, try to be more logical and evaluate the situation from a rational point of view. For example Panthers Will Grier Jersey , instead of letting something negative to bring you down, focus on turning the tide by reacting positively, no matter how upset you are on the inside. Make the decision that you will not th. Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap Hoddies Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Sports Jerseys Cheap NHL Hoodies China Wholesale Hoodies Wholesale NBA Shirts Wholesale MLB Hats Wholesale Soccer Hats
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