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 Less than 30% of Cowboys fans

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Less than 30% of Cowboys fans think the team is headed to the playoffs this season Losing in the NFL is always a downer Jeff Heath Jersey , but losing the week before your bye is particularly gloomy because you have to sit on those feelings for two weeks. To be honest, there’s been a sense of doom and gloom concerning the Cowboys for more than a few weeks now. The sense surrounding the team these days is one of almost pure negativity as evidenced by SB Nation’s FanPulse tool (which shows how back and forth Cowboys fans tend to be).This week the FanPulse survey asked every NFL fan base a simple question with what can often times be a complicated answer: Will your team make it to the playoffs this season?Cowboys fans generally don’t think this is a playoff teamOnly 27% of Dallas Cowboys fans feel like this team is going to be playing a 17th game this season. That’s good for the ninth-lowest level of belief across NFL teams.An astounding 93% of Redskins fans believe that the team that just beat Dallas will be playing in the postseason while those that have made the worst decision possible in life Eagles supporters are the exact inverse of the Cowboys with 73% believing in January football.The Cowboys did just trade for wide receiver Amari Cooper who everyone is hoping returns to the superstar numbers he put up in his first two seasons in the league. Tony Casillas and I talked on the latest episode of The 75O about how Amari could be good for an additional 4-7 points per game for the Cowboys. Assuming that’s true, and using that logic looking at the games they’ve played this season, you can make an argument that Dallas beats both Houston and Washington with Cooper in their offense. Dallas still has a game remaining against the Redskins (Thanksgiving will be fun) and both contests against the Eagles. They certainly have more than enough time to make their mark on the division plus they have winnable games like the Indianapolis Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers to help inspire more confidence.While only 27% of Cowboys fans have playoff hopes it’s fair to deduce that the Cowboys themselves really believe they can make it there. Dallas wouldn’t have traded away their first-round draft pick for next year before Halloween if they didn’t think this season was still salvageable to a great degree. Will they be proven right, or will the 27%? Only time will tell. Tuesday’s trade deadline was not short on excitement as several teams made moves to help improve their ball club. Some of these moves involved acquiring draft picks to help build for the future and some of these moves were made to make an immediate impact. Over in the AFC, the division-leading Houston Texans added former first-round pick Demaryius Thomas to an already strong receiving group that consisted of two other first-round picks, DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller. There were also several key trades over in the NFC, in particular Tyrone Crawford Color Rush Jersey , involving teams in the NFC East. The three teams in the hunt for the division - Washington, Philadelphia, and Dallas all made moves to acquire a former Pro Bowler, whereas the New York Giants are going nowhere and traded one away. Each team was able to snag a good player, but they all came with their own cost. Which team made out the best with their respective trade?Dallas CowboysPlayer: Amari Cooper (first round, 2015)Cost: 2019 first-round pickThe Cowboys went big by trading for the fourth-overall pick of the 2015 NFL draft, Amari Cooper. Dallas has been searching for answers to their abysmal offensive performance this season as the team ranks 26th in the league in points scored.Bringing in Cooper should help spread out the defense. It will open things up for other receivers as well as take some of the pressure off of Ezekiel Elliott. And while the moves the Eagles and Redskins made help their teams this season, the addition of Cooper is a long-term investment.The Cowboys paid a hefty price , but good things come with a cost. Let’s just hope we see early returns on this big investment.Philadelphia EaglesPlayer: Golden Tate (second-round, 2010)Cost: 2019 third-round draft pickThe Eagles were also making a push for Amari Cooper, but didn’t pony up enough draft capital to close the deal. Instead, they went after nine-year veteran Golden Tate to help spark their offense. After leading the league in scoring last season, the Eagles find themselves ranked 21st in points scored this year. The addition of Tate is going to give Carson Wentz a great weapon to help get them grooving again.It’s painful to say, but Tate is quietly one of the most productive receivers in the league. He’s had 90+ catches in all four of his seasons in Detroit and is on his way to another one this year. He’s eclipsed 1,000 yards receiving in three of the last four seasons. He might be on the north side of 30 now, but he’s not showing any signs of slowing down.The downside to this deal for the Eagles is that Tate looks like a one-year rental. He’s bringing in an average salary of $6.2 million and will likely demand something near that again when he hits free agency after the season. The Eagles are projected to be $11 million over the cap and will have to sell off some overpriced contracts again this upcoming offseason Randy Gregory Jersey , but they’ll cross that bridge when they come to it. Right now, it’s about trying to keep their hopes of a repeat alive. It would be surprising if Tate was in Philadelphia in 2019, but the Eagles did give up a third-round pick for him, which isn’t cheap so it’s too early to presume how they’ll proceed with him in the future. This looks like an all-in move that would sting a little if Philadelphia is not able to make a good run this year or retain him down the road.Washington RedskinsPlayer: Ha Ha Clinton Dix (first round, 2014)Cost: 2019 fourth-round pickThis move may not seem as flashy as the teams getting a good receiver, but the Redskins added a quality defensive back to an already good defense. The Redskins defense is ranked top five in points allowed and now they get 2016 Pro Bowler Clinton Dix.With Josh Norman and Quinton Dunbar holding things down at corner, the addition of Clinton Dix gives them two of the best safeties in the league.While the cost is only a fourth-round pick, Clinton Dix is only under contract through this season. Washington is projected to have $17 million in cap space so they can make room to extend him if that’s the direction they want to go Jaylon Smith Color Rush Jersey , but for the remainder of the season they can feel good about shoring up a strong safety position group. And for a team that has to face Odell Beckham Jr. and now Amari Cooper and Golden Tate, the added depth in the secondary will come in handy.New York GiantsThe Giants didn’t add any Pro Bowlers. In fact, they gave up one. They traded away defensive tackle Damon Harrison (2016 Pro Bowl) to the Detroit Lions for a 2019 fifth-round pick. That seems like a bargain for the type of player Harrison is, but Detroit will now take on his contract through the 2020 season. The Giants also traded former first-round pick Eli Apple for a couple day three picks (4th in 2019 and 7th in 2020) from the New Orleans Saints.So, to recap....It’s been an eventful week.
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