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 Jason Garrett press conference: a receiver

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by committee Dallas Cowboys Womens T-Shirt , if you will It’s Thursday of a game week, that means head coach Jason Garrett addressed the media. Here’s what he had to say. (All Garrett answers are paraphrases of what he said and not direct quotes).A fast start is key for the Cowboys (and obviously anyone)Jason Garrett noted how important a fast start is for the state of the team. He discussed how you obviously want to get a three and out on defense and score right away, but the nature of the NFL is that things don’t always go as planned.Leighton Vander Esch and Sean Lee’s lockers are next to one another, but it’s not intentionalThe rookie and The General have their lockers next to one another. Jason Garrett is known for sending subliminal messages of this kind, but he simply said that it was a good thing that they spend time together and nothing at all orchestrated with them ending up there.DeMarcus Lawrence’s shoulder is fineDeMarcus Lawrence appeared on Wednesday’s injury report with a shoulder issue, but he was a full participant in practice. Jason Garrett noted that it’s “something he’s been dealing with” but been able to practice so all seems fine there.Byron Jones’ experience playing corner has certainly helped himPro Football Focus graded Byron Jones as the best cornerback in the NFL through three weeks, and naturally this seemed like praise for Kris Richard (who helped orchestrate the position switch for Byron). Jason Garrett praised how well Byron Jones has been and seemed to leave it at that.Jason Garrett can’t remember the exact date, but initial conversations at end of the season were part of move for Byron to cornerWhen pressed on exactly when the Cowboys decided to move Byron Dallas Cowboys Hats , Jason Garrett said that he couldn’t remember the exact date but that it was right around when offseason planning began. He said the Cowboys felt like he has the capability to play corner in the NFL and felt good about where Xavier Woods was to compete at safety which helped round out the idea.Garrett also declined to fully answer if it was before or after Kris Richard’s hire When pressed further, in fact pressed more specifically, Jason Garrett was outright asked if this move was decided on before or after the Cowboys hired Kris Richard.“It was probably in that initial process” was how the head coach fielded that one noting that Kris Richard’s opinion definitely mattered.Lions running backs will be a challengeJason Garrett gave praise to Kerryon Johnson, LeGarrette Blount, and Theo Riddick. Shocker here, but they’re all great football players and Jason Garrett is readying the Cowboys for them.There’s no lack of confidence on offense, even if Allen Hurns “expressed frustration”The Athletic wrote about Allen Hurns feeling like he deserves the ball more (this was not at all said in an arrogant way), and naturally that made its way to Jason Garrett. When asked if this was an issue or if the offense was suffering from any lack of confidence Jason Garrett said “not at all” and that Wednesday was a really good practice.The Cowboys want to be a “receiver by committee Dallas Cowboys Womens Hoodie , if you will”Dallas has been using a variety of wide receivers (they have seven on the roster to be fair) so far this season, and many have championed the idea of them settling in on some in more permanent roles. Jason Garrett didn’t really seem to hip to this idea as he specifically said the Cowboys wanted a “receiver by committee.”The Cowboys are trying to work their way through punt coverage problemsA bit of an underrated statistic drop goes to ESPN’s Todd Archer who noted during a question to Jason Garrett that the Cowboys have already given up more yards on punt returns through three games in 2018 than they did all of last season. That’s insane. Jason Garrett didn’t really dive too far into this noting that the Cowboys simply have to do a better job.Jason Witten’s comments on leadership certainly make you think about previous Cowboys teams Jason Witten will make his regular season debut as the lead color analyst for Monday Night Football in just a few days when ESPN broadcasts Week 1’s Los Angeles Rams visit to the Oakland Raiders. It’ll be a great game, with a great guy, it’ll be fun.Another part of Witten’s new duties with ESPN are weekly columns. You might remember that in his inaugural piece he cautioned NFL players as to the perils of social media only for Dez Bryant to take a flamethrower to the Cowboys on Twitter just a few hours later. Oh, irony.Witten’s latest column is all about a classic Witten topic - leadership. He literally begins it with the words “On a recent ESPN special,” so it seems like Jason is doing well as a company man right off the bat. That’s not shocking.Before he dives into the big L-word, Witten drops every August trope of NFL teams, and they’re spookily applicable to the 2018 Cowboys. We’ve got Kris Richard Womens Customized Dallas Cowboys Jerseys , Randy Gregory, Dak-friendly, and that’s right, the Cowboys did yoga. Oh and the rising stars? Pick anyone. A member of the Hot Boyz, Chidobe Awuzie, Rico Gathers if you’re in the right mood, you get the idea.Getting to leadership, Witten discusses how there are aspects to it. He even names three:The roster glueThe starsThe captainsIf you watched Amazon’s series “All or Nothing” that profiled the 2017 Cowboys then you saw Witten gather his fellow captains in the first episode as he discussed what an honor it was to be nominated. It doesn’t take the ultimate Cowboys aficionado to see how much Witten relished the responsibility that came with captaincy. Witten’s thoughts on leadership encompass more than these archetypes , he also discusses things leaders shouldn’t do. It makes sense that captains would need to be unafraid of confrontation, a point Jason touches on, but these don’t have to be high-volume things. In Jason Witten’s words, the louder you are generally isn’t a great thing.It’s going to be very interesting to see the types of topics that Witten continues to touch on throughout his weekly column. During his first column about social media he noted that he’d seen players on their phones in the locker room at halftime, and the thing about that is is that Witten only played for one team throughout his career - the Cowboys. All of his experiences are tied to one team so they innately raise questions about what happened inside of Valley Ranch or The Star.Buckle up.
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