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 How should we choose wigs according to your face shape?

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Your face shape is a unique asset and a simple change can elongate your features, bring out your cheekbones and even more. In today’s article, we take a look at how to choose the human hair wig based on your face shape. This is
very important as making the choice will make you stand out.

● Round face: middle or deep side part
If you have a round shape face, the best affordable lace front wigs to choose is down the middle or a deep side part. Long wigs are your best option in this as it balances out wideness of a round face. By doing, this will create symmetry around your face and bring out your facial features. Also, do not add too many layers to it, adding just enough will make your face look slimmer. Straight hair wigs are the best choice because curls can add width, which you do not need.
● Square face: side part with bangs
Choosing a soft, side swept part with bangs is best for square faced ladies as it will add softness. You will effortlessly win from a soft feminine hairstyle, framing your face with waves and curls. Additionally, we recommend you avoid short wigs for square faces, since they literally bare your boxiness. Avoid straight bangs and wigs and opt instead for side bangs, which will relieve sharpness of your facial features.

● Oval face: any part
The oval shape is the most ideal face shape as it is the easiest to style for and allows you to try a middle, side or deep part and you will rock all of them. The super short looks look great but you need to add a little spike to add volume. One advantage of the cheap colored lace front wigs for this type of face is that you can pull the wig a bit forward in order to make your face look less long.

● Heart face: deep side part
A lot of different options work for the heart shape. A deep side will break up the chin line, which will soften your cheekbones as well. Bob wigs are a great option, especially when it’s slightly longer with layers. Waves go very well
with the softness of the face in this. You can go for a short choice, but we recommend you add that spike and volume on top. Heart shape faces are unique use this asset to show them off as much as you can.

● Diamond face: side part, no bangs
The diamond face shape is an uncommon one and the unique one too. If you have a diamond shaped face, you want to stay away from bangs and stick to side parts instead as it complements your bone structure. Short wigs work best for this look since diamond-shaped ladies have smaller foreheads. One thing that works in a diamond's favour is that the face is in balance, similar to the oval. A long, side-parted bang is a no -brainer for diamond shapes. If you go for a side-swept bang, a short length is acceptable too.

● Oblong face: middle part or bangs
We recommend middle length headbandwigs for oblong face shape as it adds the illusion of roundness to it. creating the illusion of an oval face is desired so you simply add width and fullness at the sides with soft curls and waves. Bangs work very well for this look because they help shorten the long face shape. It is best to choose a wig which brings out your cheekbones and strong jawline.

Your face shape is unique to yourself and that’s why making the choice is very important. Choose a wig that brings out the best of your face shape and not the other way round. No matter the choice you make, choose something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.
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