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He sent away Liuyi, and sent away the annual college entrance examination. In the blink of an eye, the Dragon Boat Festival was ushered in. The streets and alleys were full of festive atmosphere. Every two or three steps on the street, there was a colorful rope. Street stalls, supermarkets can be seen everywhere in the supermarket to sell dumplings, but also began to sell mugwort and mugwort. Walking in the meantime, the memory was involuntarily pulled back to the boy's childhood when there was a shortage of food. The glutinous rice was rarely seen, nor the scorpion was seen, and the scorpion was not expected to be eaten. The Dragon Boat Festival was naturally not like it. After junior high school, the state's policy toward the countryside was relaxed, the economic conditions of the family improved, and food could be transported from the northeast, so all kinds of food began to enrich. Since then, every Dragon Boat Festival, the whole family started to prepare two or three days in advance, and Dad will ride a bicycle for more than 20 minutes, go to the Navy Camp to catch the most expensive bags of the scorpion, buy Going home, my grandmother started cleaning it that night. The next day, my grandmother and her mother started to pack their bags. It was difficult to make a donkey. It was a technical job. They put the small table in the center of the field. There is a large pot of glutinous rice on the table, a large pot of leaves, grandmother and mother sitting on both sides with a small bench Cartons Of Marlboro Red 100S, first put a few pieces of eucalyptus leaves (the cheap eucalyptus leaves are particularly narrow Rolled into a funnel shape, then pick up the glutinous rice with a spoon and pour it into the funnel surrounded by the leaves. After filling it, wrap the leaves together until the leaves are gone and you can't see the rice. How many meters to master just right, to drop the rice does not leak, and finally wrapped around the stalk, our family does not need to stalk, use Ma Lian, because Ma Lian has a house in front of the house, do not spend money, so a The triangle's scorpion has come to an end. In the good year of the year, a small red date will be placed in the scorpion. My mother wraps around the horse, always wandering around, and it��s all about it. And my grandmother always wraps evenly and meticulously, like a wide-toothed comb, which is also tight. My grandmother is especially beautiful, especially about the appearance. My grandmother's dumplings look good, the pinch pleats are neat and tidy; the stitching rags are the same size and shape; the clothes are compact and beautiful... she does everything for perfection. My grandmother's perfect inheritance gave me, my imperfect person Marlboro Red Extrea Shorts, has been distressed for a long time. Our sisters don't pack, always around the small table, watching, and sometimes helping to add glutinous rice. A large pot of glutinous rice is finished in two hours, and then put into a large pot and cooked for more than an hour. The fragrance of the leaves of the leaves spread out, causing us to straighten the mouth of the Dragon Boat Festival. In the early morning, Dad put on the water shoes and set off on the Nanshan Mountain, ten miles away, and returned the Artemisia argyi on the corner window. Before, my mother was busy putting the colorful lines on her head and night, and wearing it on the wrists of her wrists. My mother cooked more than a dozen eggs, each of which was divided into two. The grandmother had a hot scorpion and ate. With a sweet and smooth scorpion, looking at the beautiful colorful lines, this morning is especially beautiful. Our sisters always rushed to the school with an egg in a desperate way. The students in the school didn��t know who invented the eggs and broke them Newport Cigarettes Coupons Online Free. Some students�� eggs were magical and hard to stick to the end. Needless to say, this day. The biggest winner Cheapest Ciggerette Cartons, don't be proud of it. Of course, after eating the hazelnut leaves, my grandmother is responsible for washing and drying, leaving it to be used again next year. In order to save money and then know the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival after the teacher, I know Qu Yuan, a great patriotic poet and literary ancestor, who was "There is also the goodness of the rest of the heart, although it is still unrepented after the death of nine." "The road is long and the road is long, I will go up and down." Now I want to come to the Dragon Boat Festival is a more important festival in addition to the Spring Festival Lantern Festival Carton Of Newport Shorts Cigarettes Online, because this festival is more affectionate, condensing people's respect for Qu Yuan's patriotic feelings and high-quality character, more importantly carrying the highest spiritual ideals of people. In the past, the workers did not have a holiday, and they could neither pack the scorpion nor have time to pull the mugwort (of course I would not pack it). In the past two years, the Dragon Boat Festival has a holiday, and people have plenty of time to prepare for the festival. This festival has become more important. Today, the youngsters have long since gone, and they have drifted far and far. My grandmother has been doing the ancient seven years. I can't eat my grandmother's hand-wrapped scorpion, and my mother is already dying, and I can't always pack it. The scorpion bought on the street or in the supermarket is not as delicious as the grandmother and mother. I used to Ask yourself why? I thought about it, oh, it turned out that I had lost a family relationship and lost a nostalgia.
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