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 Former Browns head coach Sam Rutigliano

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Womens JC Tretter Jersey , a longtime mentor to Todd Haley, says that Haley was expecting to be named Cleveland’s interim head coach when Hue Jackson was fired. Instead, Haley was fired too.Rutigliano, who was the Browns’ head coach from 1978 to 1984 and has been described by Haley as an influential figure in his coaching career, said on 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland that Haley thought he’d be Jackson’s replacement.“Why did they fire Todd Haley?” Rutigliano said. “I talked to him on the phone. When he was going to the office he thought he was going to take over. And he got fired. . . . He said to me, ‘I had no idea. When I was going back into the office I thought possibly if they were going to let Hue Jackson go, that I would have the opportunity now to be the interim coach and then get the job eventually, and that’s why I came here.’ And then it went the opposite direction.”Rutigliano said that Haley and Jackson never saw eye to eye, and that Jackson, with his 1-31 record in his first two years in Cleveland, shouldn’t have been telling Haley how to run the offense.“I don’t think they had a relationship Youth Larry Ogunjobi Jersey ,” Rutigliano said. “You’re working with a guy who had one win and 31 losses and he’s going to tell you what to do? And he proved all three years that he was incompetent. He wasn’t qualified for the job.”The 85-year-old Rutigliano still follows the Browns closely, and still has strong opinions about the team. And he clearly believes that the team is currently being run poorly.Predict the Browns’ First Offensive Play, Tackle, and Touchdown It’s time for our annual prediction post for the first game of the regular season, where we predict three things:The first offensive play the Browns will run/attempt to execute,The first player on defense (not special teams) who will make a tackle, andHow the team’s first touchdown will be scored (if you think one will be scored).You can find the ground rules below. The prize for correctly guessing a category is bragging rights.Offensive Play Prediction Guidelines: Try to be as specific as you can on what you think the Browns’ first offensive play will be. Don’t just say “pass play” or “run play”. Instead, say “Taylor throws a slant route to Landry for 7 yards” or “Carlos Hyde runs right side and picks up three yards.” You can also predict incompletions, interceptions, fumbles, touchdowns Youth Chris Hubbard Jersey , and even a safety if you really think that will happen on the first offensive play!Defensive Tackle Prediction Guidelines: Predicting the first defensive play is much more obscure, so this one is a simpler category -- project who you think will make the team’s first tackle that does not come on special teams or a returned interception / fumble.First Touchdown Against Steelers: If you do not think the Browns will score a touchdown, then say “no touchdowns” as your answer. Otherwise, predict how you think the Browns’ first touchdown will be scored, along with the person(s) who will score. You can predict it to be on offense, defense, or special teams. If you predict a passing touchdown, name both the quarterback and the receiver.Here is the template you can copy+paste for your comments:First Offensive Play: First Defensive Tackle: First Touchdown: Here are my predictions...First Offensive Play: Carlos Hyde runs left side and picks up 4 yards.First Defensive Tackle: LB Joe SchobertFirst Touchdown: QB Tyrod Taylor playfakes, turns, and fires a 12-yard touchdown pass to TE David Njoku up the seam.
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