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 Can the Giants' defense give the offense a chance against Ho

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The New York Giants have started yet another season 0-2. Historically speaking Authentic Riley Dixon Jersey , at this point they should be more concerned with whether they will be drafting in the top 10 than if they are playing in January. The onus for their record, however, is on the offense, not the defense. Over the first two games, the Giants' defense has given up a paltry 33 points, or just 16.5 per game. If your defense is doing that, it is doing enough to win games in the NFL. Will the Giants' defense once again do enough to put the offense in position to win this Sunday against the Houston Texans?Stats at a glanceTexans’ offenseRushing yards: 157.5 ypgPassing yards: 223.5 ypgTotal yards: 381.0 ypgPoints: 18.5 per gameGiants' defenseRushing yards: 137.5 ypgPassing yards: 164.0 ypgTotal yards: 301.5 ypgPoints: 20.0 per gameContaining Deshaun WatsonThe Giants can defend the run when it is the running back who is carrying the ball. Despite some missed tackles, Ezekiel Elliott still only managed 74 yards on the Giants' defense last Sunday. However, the team has been repeatedly gashed by quarterback runs. In Week 1, Blake Bortles picked up 42 yards on four carries against the Giants, and Dak Prescott picked up 45 yards on seven runs this past Sunday.Deshaun Watson is a talented passer who processes information quickly and can put the ball where he needs to, as well as extend plays and throw on the run. That all makes him dangerous enough, but that same athletic ability also allows him to hurt defenses as a runner. Watson typically scrambles to throw, but he is fully capable of running the read-option or picking up yards on his own when plays break down. So far this season, Watson has picked up 84 yards on 10 carries. His intelligence, as much as his athletic ability Youth Evan Engram Jersey , make him dangerous with the ball in his hands. Defending the read-option is a tricky proposition. It takes away a defense's natural numbers advantage and forces the defense to slow down. There are schematic ways of countering the read-option, such as forcing a desired read by the quarterback. However, even if they are able to force the read, they must be able to secure the tackle so they aren't allowing chunk plays. The key for the Giants, both in the run game and in the pass game when Watson tries to scramble, will be discipline. Replacing Eli Apple?Eli Apple was part of the questions regarding the Giants' 2018 season, and after a disastrous 2017 season, the questions were understandable. But the young corner stepped up and answered those questions. First with his words with the media in the off-season, then with his actions on the field in camp. So far both Bortles and Prescott tried to pick on Apple for long gains, but every time he stepped up and denied them. Through the first game and a half of the season, Apple played up to his draft spot, showing off his physical tools and a poised mastery of his craft that he hadn't possessed before. The third year player finally seemed to be maturing and coming in to his own. Then he left Sunday night's game with a groin injury, putting his status for Sunday's game in doubt (as of this writing). The loss of Apple could be a significant one for the Giants' defense. Not only is the position thin behind Apple and Janoris Jenkins, but the defensive scheme is built around blitzing out of man coverage. From a straight matchup perspective, the Giants best chance might be to use Jenkins and Curtis Riley to double-cover DeAndre Hopkins, while using Apple's size and speed to try and lock down the fast but undersized Will Fuller.If Apple is out Landon Collins Jersey , the Giants will likely look to B.W. Webb to cover Fuller, but he doesn't have the physical tools that Apple does.If the Texans are able to force the Giants out of their defensive scheme to account for the loss of Apple, perhaps by playing two safeties deep to counter both Fuller and Hopkins, it will likely spell trouble for the defense. Where is the pass rush? Perhaps the defense's biggest Achilles heel has been their utter lack of a pass rush without Olivier Vernon. Vernon suffered an ankle injury in practice before the fourth preseason game, and has yet to get back on the field. Without Vernon, the Giants have been unable to muster any kind of a pass rush or consistently pressure quarterbacks. When they are able to pressure passers, it is usually through some sort of blitz package, which could be compromised if Apple misses the game. The best option, obviously, would be for a healthy return by Vernon. The Giants could also stand to get rookie edge rusher Lorenzo Carter more involved with the defense as well. Carter is lightning quick off the snap and has speed that not even Vernon can match, as well as length to engage and defeat blockers first. Carter is still raw and developing as an NFL player -- his incredible athleticism allowed Georgia to use him in a wide variety of roles, but that kept him from developing as a more specialized player might. But despite that, his explosiveness needs to be utilized by the defense, even if Vernon does return. With the secondary possibly weakened by injury, and Curtis Riley still learning the free safety position, the Giants need to find a way to pressure the quarterback Authentic Jon Halapio Jersey , if at all possible without blitzing. Being able to do so might change the entire complexion of the defense. It’s time to open up the Big Blue View mailbag and see what questions New York Giants fans have. So, let’s get to it.Ed says: Ralph, that’s a good question. Honestly, I have wondered myself why the Giants haven’t designed more plays for Saquon Barkley in the passing game. The great majority of his receptions are of the check down variety. My best guess? I really believe there are things the Giants would like to do on offense — splitting Barkley more often being one of them — but feel like they can’t simply they are trying to protect an offensive line that might get Eli Manning killed before he gets benched.Ed says: Oh, geez, David — thanks for putting me on the spot here! There is blame to go around from John Mara down to everyone who has played for the Giants this year, and a lot of guys in between.Listen, I put a lot of this on Mara and Steve Tisch. They made an awful decision in 2015. They let Tom Coughlin go, and I understood that. I respected TC, but I think it was his time. Still, while they were letting Coughlin go they were saying the problem was the talent Coughlin was being given, not his coaching. Yet, they kept Jerry Reese as GM and allowed him run (ruin?) three more offseasons. The absolute biggest reason the Giants are in this mess is they kept Jerry Reese for three offseasons too many.They hired the wrong coach to replace Coughlin. Ben McAdoo spent two years proving that he really had no idea how to be a head coach. He couldn‘t relate to players and didn’t even really seem to want to, he just wanted them to do what he told them. He didn’t seem to trust anyone else’s opinion. He was, to be honest, in over his head.New GM Dave Gettleman and Pat Shurmur have made some mistakes. They have Cheap Evan Engram Jersey , however, also done some good things. The record stinks, of course, but this team is in a better place than it was a year ago. Gettleman and Shurmur won’t get forever to turn this around, but they need a leash that is longer than one year.As for current players, the offensive line is terrible, Eli Manning has taken a beating for seven years now and the cumulative effect is that he’s sometimes looking at the rush rather than reading the field. The defense isn’t good.So, plenty of blame to go around.Anthony Mercadante asks: The Giants need help on the offensive line, what free agents will be available for them to sign at right guard or right tackle? Ed says: Anthony, here is your current list of offensive linemen who could be free agents at the end of the season. To be honest, it’s not an impressive list. Some of these guys won’t reach the market. Some — make that many — are probably not worth signing. Drafting and developing linemen is still the best way to go, and that isn’t easy. Fixing the offensive line isn’t easy. Look at the two free agents the Giants signed this past offseason — neither Patrick Omameh nor Nate Solder have played up the level their pasts would indicate they are capable of.David P. asks: Now that we are officially in rebuild mode, which of the moves that we made in the off season are counterproductive to that and do you think overall those moves have set us back in a rebuild effort. I’m thinking of signing OBJ, Ogletree, etc. Fairly obviously not drafting a QB was one of them. Ed says: David, this is an interesting question. But , before I get into it let’s all be honest with each other. I think the great majority of Giants fans were happy with the moves the Giants made — with the overwhelming exception of the foolish contract thrown at running back Jonathan Stewart.The Giants ignored the linebacker position for years. The trade for Alec Ogletree and the signing of Kareem Martin were welcomed as signs those days were gone — and they are. Problem is, Ogletree ($11.75 million cap hit next year) has pretty much why the Los Angeles Rams were willing to dump him. Martin (three years, $15 million) hasn’t played well.Solder (four years, $62 million) was an overpay but a move the Giants had to make. Like it or not, he was the best tackle on the market. Patrick Omameh was a mistake.I truly believe that one of the reasons the Giants went down this road is that John Mara has respect for Eli Manning. I believe he wanted the Giants to try one last time to build a winner with Manning at the helm, so they spent money. It’s not working. Now the Giants will tear it down.Andre Banks asks: If the team is committed to the rebuild, is trading Collins (for the right price) an option? Ed says: Andre, of course it’s an option. Could it happen? Sure. Do I think it will happen? No.Collins is 24, one of the team’s best players and the Giants defensive captain. He is a building block player. I’m sure teams will inquire, but I think someone would have to pay a steep price to get the Giants to make a deal.
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