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 Buccaneers quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is expected

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To little surprise Chase Daniel Color Rush Jersey , Buccaneers quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is expected to start on Sunday at Chicago. Many will be surprised if Fitzpatrick is yanked during the game.Maybe they shouldn’t be.Consider this, from Ian Rapoport of NFL Media: On Wednesday, Bucs coach Dirk Koetter openly discussed in a team meeting the fact that he was considering yanking Fitzpatrick during Monday night’s loss to the Steelers. Koetter reportedly said he was a play or two away from removing Fitzpatrick and inserting Ryan Griffin, presumably during a first half that included three straight Fitzpatrick interceptions on three straight plays.Surprisingly, the team didn’t deny it, instead explaining that Koetter has extreme confidence in all of the team’s quarterbacks.So what does this mean right now for Fitzpatrick? It likely means that the leash will be very short at Soldier Field, and that Koetter won’t hesitate to flip the switch to Jameis Winston, not just in a given week but in a given game.Suddenly, then Bennie Fowler III Jersey , Koetter has assumed the attitude that Vikings coach Mike Zimmer had a year ago with Vikings quarterback Case Keenum, keeping Teddy Bridgewater constantly at the ready in the event Keenum stumbled. (After Keenum’s second interception against Washington, for example, Bridgewater was spotted putting his helmet on.)The question is whether this tactic will work on Fitzpatrick. During his three-game stint as the starter, he likely assumed he wouldn’t be pulled. (He may have assumed wrong.) Now that Winston is back, will Fitzpatrick say “F” it and let it rip, or will he worry that his next mistake may be his last mistake, causing him possibly to hold the ball a bit longer than he should, thinking a little bit more than is warranted , and possibly setting the stage for the blunder that gets him benched?Through it all, the question is this: For as good as Fitzpatrick has been, could Winston be as good if not better? There’s only one way to find out, and the challenge for Koetter will be picking the right time to flip the switch. The Bears haven’t had a winning season since 2012, and they might not this year.But new coach Matt Nagy is going to make sure they have fun along with way.According to聽Colleen Kane of the聽Chicago Tribune, the Bears came in from Monday’s win over the Seahawks to a locker room dance party 鈥?complete with a disco ball to set the mood.It’s an idea Nagy borrowed from Cubs manager Joe Maddon, who emphasizes the importance of having fun over a long baseball season.鈥淲e have 16 games, and these wins are so hard to get 鈥?so hard to get,鈥?Nagy said. 鈥淚 want everybody to understand on that team it鈥檚 OK to enjoy 鈥檈m. You鈥檙e allowed to have fun and enjoy 鈥檈m.鈥漀agy acknowledged that the party was a short one 鈥?because this is the NFL after all Trey Burton Color Rush Jersey , and it is very serious and not at all frivolous, according to the very serious men who run it. But he also wanted to make sure his players savored it.鈥淲e go right into [planning for] Arizona five hours later after [Monday] night,鈥?Nagy said. 鈥淪o let鈥檚 celebrate a little bit and have a little fun. And that was one of the coolest moments of being able to see those guys in there, dancing and having a good time 鈥?and no one else around, just them. That鈥檚 what this is ultimately all about.鈥滿addon has a dance party room for the Cubs, and has created a number of other madcap ideas to keep players fresh over a 162-game grind of a season. While there’s obviously a different dynamic in football, Nagy’s also trying to inject a little life into his team, which had five straight years of double-digit losses before he arrived.
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