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Standartinė WiPaS » 2009 Geg 07, 16:40

Auto FX AutoEye 2.11 + Plugin Photoshop | 19.15 Mb

AutoEye was created to automatically improve digital images by rebuilding color detail, sharpness and image vibrancy. AutoEye uses a totally different set of adjustment methods than Photoshop or other image editing applications. AutoEye doesn't use standard curves and histograms to adjust images on a global basis within the RGB or CMYK color space. AutoEye's unique methods result in image enhancements that are easier to attain and yield a higher quality result.

Improves Images with a Single Click

Not everyone has the time to perfect images with programs like Photoshop. AutoEye is a huge timesaver as it can instantly correct and enhance images with a single click.

Improves Input and Output Quality

Regardless of your input and output workflow AutoEye can enhance your images. AutoEye can make both printed and web images sharper and more life-like.

* Enhance under or over exposed photos
* Enhance digital camera photos
* Enhance and correct scans in seconds
* Improve your photos before printing them
* Use AutoEye to sharpen resized images
* AutoEye works great for photo restoration
* AutoEye makes inkjet prints appear sharper

AutoEye Enhancement Controls are easy to learn and quick to use. Complex algorithms and image adjustments are performed behind the scenes so you can stay focused more on the visual and less on technique.

Unlike image editing programs, AutoEye does not make you jump from one dialog menu to another and back again trying to find the right combination and order of adjustments to perfect your image.

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