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 Arizona Cardinals vs Los Angeles Chargers preseason preview

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Standartinė laiyongcai92 » 2018 Lap 05, 11:58

We made it one and all! The Arizona Cardinals open up their 2018 season (preseason) tonight against the Los Angeles Chargers.Of course Jess and I had to get you ready for the start of the year.It starts with a look at the A.Q. Shipley injury and how the Arizona Cardinals will deal with it. (4:20)It's the Mason Cole show now Black Tre Boston Jersey , but also, is this the break Evan Boehm needed to stay on the roster?From there we discuss the initial depth chart of 2018 for the Arizona Cardinals. Were there any surprises? Where are the strengths and weaknesses? (23:40)Finally, finally! The Arizona Cardinals open the 2018 preseason with a game against the LA Chargers.Of course everyone is waiting for the Josh Rosen debut, but what else?Who can show us some things starting tonight that will help you feel better about the roster heading into the 2018 season? (43:26)It's a fantastic hour of Arizona Cardinals discussion Black Benson Mayowa Jersey , some may say the best on the internet, to get you ready for the Arizona Cardinals preseason opener.The Anatomy of a 4th-&-Goal Escape Ladder TD Kudos to Steve Wilks and Mike McCoy for going for it on 4th and goal from the 2 yard line on the 1st drive of the pre-season.What an amazing, miraculous play this is, highlighted by rookie Chase Edmond’s extraordinary hand balance and determination.Formation (L to R)—-FB-TE-TE-LT-LG-C-RG-RT-TE (QB + RB)—-Overload left (FB & 2 TEs) Youth Mason Cole Jersey , TE right. Play call: 33 power dive (3 back up the 3 hole between LT/LG).FB Coleman (#48) takes out the ROLB.TE Wetzel (#73) double teams with TE Holmes (#85) on the RDE. Wetzel sticks his block, but Holmes gets knocked backward, right into the path of RB Edmonds (#29), who slips downward to the turf Youth Larry Fitzgerald Jersey , but uses his free hand to keep from downing his knee.LT Humphries (#74) and LG Iupati (#76) drive their men into the end zone, but Holmes getting rocked back into the hole doesn’t give Edmonds any open daylight.C Cole (#64) gets stood up by the NT and rocked slightly backward. In the defenders’ frantic scramble to down Edmonds, Cole slips off his block to the turf. (Teaching Point: Cole knows he is supposed to get underneath the NT or lay on top of him to at least cut him down to size and neutralize him—-you never want to get stood up or knocked backward in that situation)RG Justin Pugh gets a clean release and takes out the LILB in the end zone.RT Andre Smith down blocks on the DT and pancakes him (key block—-as it turns out) which leaves Smith ahead of Cole and Edmonds on the turf.TE Seals-Jones undercuts the DE, who then makes a dive for Edmonds.Amazingly Cole and Smith have the wherewithal to form a ladder for Edmonds where Cole pushes and Smith pulls the crawling http://www.authenticsarizonacardinals.com/cheap-phil-dawson-jersey , outstretching Edmonds to safety over the goaline.Upon replay there is no visual evidence of Edmond’s knees touching the turf and the play is confirmed a TD. This play is the epitome of desperately creative, spur of the moment teamwork.
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